Stem Cell Therapy Costs in Mexico and the USA

At StemLife Clinic, you can find completely personalized regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy treatments.

Our main differentiator is our fair prices, since at StemLife Clinic we manage a single price list regardless of whether our patients are national or international. The price range of our regenerative medicine protocols is between $50,000 to $200,000 MXN. Which means that you can find treatments with regenerative medicine at a cost 50% lower than if you seek your treatment in the United States, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Tijuana, etc.

The 2023 price range for stem cell treatments at StemLife Clinic.



Prices at StemLife clinic from…

Prices in the USA and other countries from…


●       Asthma

●       COVID

●       COPD

●       Pulmonary Fibrosis

$4,552 USD

$15,000 USD


●       Diabetes type 1 and 2

●       Hyperthyroidism

●       Hypothyroidism

$3,150 USD

$8,000 USD

Orthopedics & Rehabilitation

●       Sport injuries

●       Arthrosis (Osteoarthritis)

$1,687 USD

$5,000 USD


●       Alzheimer’s

●       Epilepsy

●       Dementia

●       Parkinson’s

●       Arthritis

$ 4,872 USD

$10,000 USD


●       Allergies

●       Psoriasis

●       Lupus

●       Dermatitis

●       Arthritis

$4,200 USD

$10,000 USD


●       Aesthetic and anti-aging use

$890 USD

$5,000 USD

The prices in this table are approximations and referential, they can change without prior notice.

Why can the price of your stem cell protocol vary?

There are many factors that are taken into account to determine the dose of cells and the ideal treatment for each patient, such as weight, age, the pathology to be treated, hereditary factors, etc. Therefore, to determine your ideal treatment, we will start with an assessment consultation at no cost. In this consultation, our doctor will ask a series of questions that will help you determine the ideal dose of stem cells for you, as well as the necessary supplements to enhance your treatment. Once your consultation is over, your patient coordinator will contact you to send you your protocol with the explained treatment and its budget.
You should keep in mind that the more cells you need, the higher the price of your treatment. However, remember that the more cells applied you will have faster and better results.

How can I know if the number of cells applied to me are the ones that were sold to me in my protocol?

At StemLife Clinic we guarantee the quality and quantity of cells from the laboratory thanks to a flow cytometer that helps us count them to prepare the vial for your dose. These results are delivered to you in print.

Where do the cells we apply at the StemLife Clinic come from?

At StemLife Clinic, we only use stem cells from the umbilical cord, since numerous studies have shown that these types of cells are the youngest and most viable. This means that there will be a higher probability of success in the treatments. In addition, by culturing them we can obtain mesenchymal stem cells. The extraction process is carried out at the moment a baby is born, either by delivery or caesarean section, once the umbilical cord is cut, the collection process is carried out in a special way, without harming the baby or the mother in any way.

Once the cells are in the laboratory, a process of cultivation, reproduction, and extraction continues, a series of tests and studies are carried out to ensure that they are healthy and viable cells, the quality of which we certify at the end of your treatment.

Do you still have questions about our regenerative medicine treatments? Do not hesitate to contact us to provide you with more information.

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