What Patients Say About Us

My treatment was successful. I´m about 95% better in just 6 weeks and I'm sure it will get better and better as the weeks go on.

We are very happy with the treatment, my mom's knee pain is almost gone, and she recovered her strength and hand movement, and we hope to see more improvement. Thanks to all the staff for their great attention and hospitality

We are happy with the results obtained so far. I no longer need to bring oxygen to be able to breathe properly, I feel more energetic, I can walk and do activities for longer, and many of my symptoms have decreased significantly

My plaques seem to be vanishing and now I can see through. I have recovered my sensitivity in some areas of my skin and my allergies are much better! Almost kind of gone so I'm paying attention to my body and no side effects!

We have noticed that my daughter is enjoying spending more time with us; before, she liked being alone. She's singing again, too; she stopped a few years ago and is singing a bit more now. She has also become more affectionate, especially with her dad; we are very happy with the improvement so far.

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