Stem Cell therapy for Asthma

A person's airways become inflamed, narrow and produce larger amounts of mucus than normal, making breathing difficult.

Stem cell treatment for asthma

Mesenchymal stem cell treatment helps slow the progression of asthma and alleviate some symptoms of these and other respiratory diseases.

At Stem Life Clinic, we have a treatment protocol with mesenchymal stem cells for asthma, which are obtained from the umbilical cord (Wharton’s jelly).

This treatment, which has been shown to significantly improve lung function, is carried out at the Stem Life Clinic facilities, where our highly trained staff helps our patients with the process, for a successful infiltration of stem cells and will also give follow up on the patient.

What is asthma?

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease in which the airways in the lungs become inflamed and narrow in response to certain stimuli. Although it can appear at any age, it is more common for asthma to start in childhood as a response to an allergic component.

Currently, asthma treatment options can control inflammatory processes and reduce symptoms. However, immune treatments carry risks and severe side effects, in addition to not modulating the patient’s immune response.

For its part, treatment with mesenchymal stem cells has an immune modulating effect, which reduces asthma episodes in the long term, in addition to regenerating the lung epithelium and restoring its function.

Who can receive stem cell treatment for asthma?

Children, young people, and adults with immunological diseases who have not responded well to conventional treatment, who have other conditions or who seek to improve their quality of life. Schedule your appointment at the Stem Life Clinic so that our specialists can advise you and give you assessment to know if you are a candidate for a stem cell transplant.
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