Stem Cell Therapy for Dermatitis

It is a multifactorial disease caused by irritation in contact with an object or chemical substance and represents one of the main skin diseases.

What is it?

Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease usually suffered by allergic people. It is a chronic disorder that usually begins in the first year of life and can last into adulthood.

Outbreaks may be intermittent or, in severe cases, continuous, and usually improve in summer.

Multiple sensitizations are common in this disease, which complicates the management of outbreaks.

Signs & Symptoms

Symptoms are due to the acceleration of the body’s functions. Excessive nervousness, insomnia, palpitations, unexplained tiredness, easy sweating, poor heat tolerance, hand tremor, weight loss despite coexisting with increased appetite and diarrhea are classic manifestations.

When goiters are associated with bulging eyes, the probability of Graves-Basedow disease is very high.

If the goiter reaches a large size it can produce symptoms of compression in the neck as a sensation of pressure, difficulty to swallow food or aphonia.


The diagnosis is made through a complete examination of the skin, personal and family history and the study of the symptoms.

There is no test to determine whether or not a person has atopic dermatitis and, therefore, the tests are aimed at ruling out other diseases.


Rhinitis, with or without asthma, may be associated in more than half of the children. These patients usually present an allergy to some foods.

Also, patients with atopic dermatitis are particularly susceptible to staphylococcal skin infections, which further complicates the disease.

Stem cell therapy for dermatitis

Current research shows that mesenchymal stem cells can be successfully used for the treatment of chronic inflammatory disorders, such as dermatitis, because of their immunomodulatory properties.

Intravenous MSC therapy dramatically reduces the severity of dermatitis and suppresses the inflammatory cell response.

The use of MSCs has been an answer for patients with disease refractory to conventional treatments, presenting a significant improvement in clinical signs and pruritus.

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