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We offer preventive care, chronic disease management, and advanced treatments like stem cell therapy. Our team is committed to providing high-quality care to help you achieve your health goals.

stem cells in mexico

Phase 1: Virtual Medical Consultation

Meet with one of our medical specialists and review together your current health condition and health goals. At the end of this free phone or video consultation, you’ll understand the benefits of stem cell therapy for your condition and have all your questions answered.

Phase 3: Travel Itinerary Assistance

Once your treatment dates are booked, your Patient Coordinator will be your liaison to assist you in everything from arrival to departure: airport pick-up and drop-off, stylish accommodations near our facility, meals during your stay, private transportation, lab tests, recreational activities, and whatever you need during your visit to Mexico.

Phase 2: Tailored Treatment Protocol

Your doctor will determine the best application technique and the right quantity of stem cells for your condition and goals. Your tailored treatment protocol will include supportive therapies designed to maximize your results. The duration of treatment will vary between 2 to 14 days since each patient is unique.

stem cells in mexico

Phase 4: Stem Cell Treatment

Our team of medical specialists—each with over 20 years of experience—will perform your stem cell medical procedures and supportive regenerative therapies at StemLife Clinic in Mexico. Each day with us will be a relaxing, transformative experience as we pamper you with a dedicated driver, full meals, and (optional) recreational activities.

Phase 5: Post-treatment Follow-Up

After your stem cell therapy, we’ll give you an at-home protocol to follow that will prime your body to continue repairing and renewing itself for 6-18 months. Your Patient Coordinator and doctor will host brief follow-up calls with you 1, 3, 6, and 12 months after your treatment to monitor your progress and provide any medical indications to extend the benefits of the stem cells in your body.

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