What are Exosomes?

What are exosomes

It wasn’t all that long ago when most people had never heard the term, “regenerative medicine.”  Today,  the therapeutic ability of tiny stem cells—microscopic donor cells that help treat so many debilitating conditions—has been extended to just about any illness or injury you can think of.  And stem cells are the gift that keeps on […]

Stem Cell Injections for Knee Injuries

Stem cell injections for knee injury

The latest advancements in stem cell therapy have shown that stem cell injections for the knees can help alleviate the symptoms of knee injuries. This non-invasive approach can help the knees to regenerate cartilage and reduce inflammation when stem cell injections are used as a complementary treatment. Defining Knee Injuries Knee injuries develop due to […]

Are Stem Cells Capable of Regenerating Spinal Discs

Stem cells for regenerating spinal discs

Recent advances in stem cell therapy have made it possible for stem cells to improve intervertebral discs’ health and quality. Are Stem cells capable of regenerating spinal discs? StemLife Clinic offers stem cell rejuvenation therapy for the intervertebral disc as a complementary treatment that can improve intervertebral discs’ health and quality. Contact us Intervertebral Degenerative […]

Celebrities Treated with Stem Cells

Celebrities treated with stem cells

Celebrities treated with stem cells have increased in the last several years. While stem cells can enhance current treatments of certain diseases, most TV and movie personalities are more interested in the anti-aging effects of stem cells. What are Mesenchymal Stem Cells The mesenchymal stem cells used at our clinic are sourced from Wharton’s Jelly, […]

Role and effectiveness of stem cells in the treatment of sports injuries

Stem cells for sport injuries

Regenerative medicine has become popular around the world thanks to its demonstrated benefits in the regeneration/repair of tissues. In the traumatology and orthopedics areas, treatments such as platelet-rich plasma or hyaluronic acid have been used for several years showing very good results. Now is the time to take advantage of the versatility of stem cells […]

Mesenchymal stem cells, benefits when using them as a treatment

Mesenchymal stem cells benefits

In recent years, regenerative therapy with mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), better known as stem cells, has become increasingly recognized, not only in the medical community, but also among patients seeking to repair and regenerate damaged tissue. In general, MSCs are what give rise to all cells in the body. Below we will tell you what […]

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